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  In 1928, the Civil Engineering faculty was formed in Engineering Institute of Wuhan University. Civil Engineering School of the former Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electric Engineering Institute derived from this faculty.

  In 1952, when the colleges and universitaire faculties were reorganized, Civil Engineering was adjusted to Zhongnan Civil Engineering College from Wuhan University, and Departments of Mechanics, Construction Mechanics, Reinforced Concrete were incorporated into Water Conservancy School of Wuhan University.

  In 1954, it incorporated into Water Conservancy Department of Soil Improvement and Water Conservancy Construction Departments of Wuhan Institute of Water Conservancy.

  In June 1984, Department of Construction Engineering was established by Wuhan Institute of Hydraulic and Electric Engineering; in 1996, Department of Construction Engineering was renamed Construction Engineering Institute; in 1998, Soil Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials and Elasticity Department were adjusted to Civil Engineering School and renamed Department of Civil and Architecture School.

  In 1984, the previous Wuhan University of Science and Technology of Surveying and Mapping built Industrial and Civil Building Construction Office and was affiliated to Department of Engineering Surveying; Department of Construction Engineering was established, and co-located with the Department of Surveying Engineering in 1990; in 1992, Construction Engineering Department was separated from Engineering Surveying Department and run independently; in 1993 Construction Engineering Department and Urban Planning Center (established in 1985) merged to Institute of Urban Construction.