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Construction Management

  There are three research units in Department of Construction Management, including:

  The Green building and Green construction unit is focusing mainly on green construction theory and technology of high-rise and large-scale building ,and includes the study of(i)The land saving of architectural planning and the using patterns and technology of building water system,(ii) The construction waste reduction & recycling technology and evaluation system of green building,(iii)Green efficiency evaluation of building materials and the industrialization of green building materials. Research also spans Urbanization & Household energy consumption model in urban family and the impact of human behavior on household energy consumption.

  The Digital Construction and Management unit focus mainly on the construction integration technology of high-rise building、real-time simulation and simulation method of green design and construction and multi-scale information coupling method of special complex construction project. Research is also aimed at the demand for major construction and economic and social development of the state, actively producing the integration and application advantage of engineering management disciplines. Research is going deep to the study on three dimensional data expression of construction project and BIM technology and decision theory of construction project through the integration of civil engineering, environment, information and other disciplines.

  The Sustainable urban and real estate management unit is focusing mainly on the patterns of Industrial, building carbon emissions and energy consumption under the background of rapid urbanization in China, and includes the study of: (i) Development of low carbon cities in China, construction planning and evaluation, (ii) Urban and regional carbon emissions, urban renewal and investment in real estate development in GIS and statistical theory. Research also spans social and environmental risks of major construction projects and the interaction between engineering and human in the social dimension of construction engineering.