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Geotechnical and Bridge Engineering

  1. Rock and soil mechanical properties and constitutive model

  Combined with infrastructure construction and west regions development, studies on mechanism of deformation and failure of rock and soil, models of deformation and failure and constitutive model and physical properties of rock and soil.

  2. Foundation and complex foundation treatment

  Aiming at geotechnical engineering under complex conditions, studies on deep pit, deep foundation and high embankment and subgrade stability; investigations on unsaturated soil properties and remediation, soft ground improvement and high dam complex foundation treatment.

  3. Geosynthetics and soil enhancement.

  Studies on creep properties of reinforced soil and deformation and failure mechanism of reinforced retaining wall and foundation. Application of geosynthetics in hydraulic, transportation and civil engineering. Application of geosynthetics in landfill, EKG and FRP technique.

  4. Failure mechanism and safety control of high rock slope

  With special attention paid to the mechanical behavior of rocks under complex geological conditions, the deformation and failure mechanism of high rock slope as well as its numerical modeling technique, stability evaluation of rock slope as well as its forecast and prediction method, reinforcement technique are studied.

  5. Surrounding rock stability and safety control of deep underground engineering

  Under complex environmental conditions (deep high geostress, high seepage stress and high temperature gradient), Deformation, failure and disaster evolution mechanism of surrounding rocks of deep underground engineering, as well as prediction method, control theory, monitoring and precast technology and reinforcement technique are studied.

  6. The interaction between dynamic behavior of geomaterials and structures

  The dynamic response of geomaterials under high strain rate, cyclic and impact load, the control and detection technology of blasting excavation induced damage and the gematerials-structure dynamic interaction mechanism are studied.