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Engineering Mechanics

  1.Computational solid mechanics and simulations

  It uses numerical simulation to investigate the mechanical behaviors of large-scale and complex structure under a variety of loadings, such as stress and deformation of structure, linear and non-linear analyses, construction of the filling process, structural material failure and damage.

  2.Theory of material damage and its application

  Damage mechanics and its application of power plant metal components, size effect on rupture failure of concrete structure, failure theory of high-strength concrete and steel fiber reinforced concrete and its application.

  3.Anti-seismic and wind-resistance of large-scale structure

  Simulation of anti-seismic of large-scale structure, dynamic testing techniques, analysis of high-rise, tower and long-span wind load, wind-induced dynamic response computation and wind tunnel test.

  4.Optimal Structure Designing and its application

  Optimal designing of engineering structure such as sluice gate, dam, plant and space shell.

  5.Evaluation of structural reliability and reinforcement technology

  Evaluation of the age and damage of architectural structure and hydraulic structure, and their recovery and reinforcement.

  6.Fluid-structure coupling

  It uses theoretical modeling, model experiment, prototype measurement and numerical calculation, to explore the effect and mechanism of complex structure and fluid coupling, including the vibration performance, structural dynamic response analysis and application of coupling of fluid and delivery aqueduct, steel gate, penstock.