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  Safety and strengthening technology of concrete structure

  This research direction involves the following major aspects: The design method of FRP and steel composite reinforced concrete structure and key construction technologies of FRP and steel composite reinforced concrete structure. Development of new structure technology and design method of FRP strengthening engineering, establishment of the calculation system and design method of FRP reinforced concrete inner pressure pipe, prestressed FRP reinforced steel structure, and the key technology of FRP anchor and prestressed tension. New technology of composite structure strengthening, innovation of the design theory and method of fiber reinforced high performance concrete.

  High performance concrete and composite structure

  This research direction focuses on developing the intrinsic value boundedness criterion for dynamic analysis of large composite structures and the establishment of damage and imitation model of 3D composite materials based on the state space as well as micro numerical modeling for the performance evaluation of composite materials and the application of new building materials in composite structures. the loading capacity calculation method and the design method of fire protection for steel tube concrete is concerned.

  Seismic resistance of concrete structures

  This research direction contains the following aspects: Seismic performance study of giant steel tube reinforced self compacting high-strength concrete columns; Bonding performance and seismic behavior of joints of steel-polypropylene hybrid fiber reinforced concrete under repeated load; Seismic behavior of new self resetting intelligent supporting of frame structure; Residual deformation control of structure under strong earthquake. Design method research based on seismic performance for structures with considering the residual deformation. New research directions is extended such as: hybrid test and distributed hybrid test method research, active seismic control of structures, structural seismic reliability and analysis, structural seismic loss estimation, etc..

  Safety of steel structures and long-span spatial structures

  This research direction concentrates on the stability theory of steel structure and component, mechanics and design theory of steel structure connection joints, development of general design software for steel structure, and overall stability and installation process of steel structure. Moreover, stability performance of high performance steel structure and metal structure system, and the overall carrying capacity of the space structure system are studied systematically.