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  School of Civil Engineering contains Construction Engineering Department, Geotechnical and Bridge Engineering Department, Engineering Management Department, Municipal Engineering Department, Engineering Mechanics Department, Mechanical Experimental Teaching Center and Civil Engineering Experimental Center. Among them, the Mechanics Experimental Teaching Center is run as Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center in Hubei Province. The college has National Center for Education of Engineering Practice of Wuhan University - China railway 11 game group co., LTD; Key Laboratory of Geotechnical and Structural Engineering Safety of Hubei Province, Hydraulic Rock Mechanics Laboratory, Ministry of Education Building Detection and Reinforcement Engineering Research Center, four provincial research base of large Geotechnical and Structural Engineering Safety Control of Industrial Technology Innovation Base of Hubei; Wuhan University Engineering Test Center, Disaster Monitoring and Prevention Research Center of Wuhan University, three major projects university research base of Institute of Safety and Technology of Wuhan University.

  The college has 106 full-time teachers, including 33 professors and 51 associate professors. There is 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 double employed academicians, 2 distinguished experts from the national “Thousand Person Plan”, 2 high-end foreign experts, 1 professor of the Yangtze River Scholar, 1 Excellent Talents of Ministry of Education New Century, 1 Chair Professor of Hubei Chutian Scholar, 2 Hubei Chutian Students, 1 Luojiashan distinguished professor of Wuhan University, 4 Luojia distinguished young scholars of Wuhan University, 1 Innovation Team of Ministry of Education and 1 Creative Research Groups of Hubei Province Natural Science Fund.

  The college has 3 first-level disciplines contains civil engineering, mechanical and transportation engineering, among them, civil engineering is as the key first-level disciplines of Hubei province, with a post-doctoral research stations and doctoral degree granting authority, covering 4 secondary discipline doctor stations of Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Disaster Prevention and Mitigation and Protection Engineering, Municipal Engineering; Mechanics is the first-level key disciplines in Hubei Province, has first-level disciplines doctoral degree granting authority, covering 3 secondary discipline doctor stations of Mechanics, Engineering Mechanics, Hydromechanics; Transportation Engineering has first-level discipline master degree granting authority. The college has 9 secondary disciplines which have the right to grant master's degree, 1 master's professional degree authorization center, 2 engineering master's degree authorization. The college also has 3 undergraduate majors of Civil Engineering, Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, among them, Civil Engineering is the national specialty, professional specialty of Hubei Province, the national "Excellence engineer education training plan" and comprehensive reform pilot specialty.

  The total area of the school laboratory is 8,000 m2, including the Complex Media Multiscale Mechanics Laboratory, which is hosted by professor Qingping Sun (“Thousand Person Plan”), the laboratory has five most advanced equipment mainly used for micro-nano-mechanical testing, and built a Wind Tunnel Laboratory, with reaction force walls, a large three-axis, dynamic triaxial, true triaxial, shaking table, quasi-static (dynamic) power test equipment, fatigue testing machine and other large experimental equipment.

  Our college has made a series of teaching and scientific research achievements in recent years such as the first prize at outstanding teaching achievement in Hubei province, the national excellent designed course “Concrete structure and masonry structure”, the excellent courses “Theoretical mechanics” and “Soil mechanics” in Hubei province. 65 textbooks have been published including six national "11th five-year plan" textbooks. Two provincial demonstration practice bases of colleges and universities were awarded by People's government of Hubei province. One belongs to Wuhan University and China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Co., Ltd and another one belongs to Wuhan University and Chinese Construction Third Engineering Bureau Ltd. More than 10 key projects at national level such as the national "973", "863" and major funds were undertaken as well as more than 80 vertical projects. 33 scientific and technological achievements above the provincial level were awarded, containing 3 second prize of the national scientific and technological progress, 7 grand or first prize of provincial level in total.

  The relationship of academic exchanges and cooperation were established between our college and relevant universities and research institution from many countries and regions such as the United States, Britain, the Netherlands, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Exchanged visiting, teaching, and cooperation are developed every year. Some Undergraduates and graduates are co-cultivated by University of Manchester or University of Nottingham and a few PhD Candidates receive united training by City University of Hong Kong. "3 + 1 + 1" project with University of Dundee is also implemented. PhDs are supported to participate in high level international academic conferences and publish the paper each year.

  Our collage insist on improving the quality of personnel training, "education oriented, morality first" and "based on learning, developed integrally". The education idea "creation, innovation and pioneering" is practiced and "thick foundation, broad caliber, high quality, innovation" compound talents are developed. Now there are nearly 1200 full-time undergraduates, over 360 master and doctor graduates, more than 750 part-time professional master graduate students, and greater than 3100 continuing education students in the collage.Attention to improve students' comprehensive quality and career development are paid and personnel training quality are enhanced continually. University graduates to go abroad, recommend an exemption and exam admission ratio is over 45% in the latest three years and graduates employment rate is over 95%, which are at the top in Wuhan University. By the end of 2013, a total of more than 6400 undergraduates and almost 1400 master's and doctor's graduates were cultivated for the society. The graduates have many employment choices which are in good quality and are highly satisfied and develop smoothly.

  Students are supported to participate in subject competitions and science research, obtaining excellent results. Since 2006, 36 Planning projects of innovation and entrepreneurship training of national undergraduate and 124 projects of Wuhan University have been approved. In the second (2008), fourth (2010), fifth (2011), sixth (2012) National Structure Design Contest for College Students, undergraduates of our collage won the first prize and in the seventh (2013) got the grand prize. The students also won the first prize at The Eighth Zhou Peiyuan Mechanics Competition for College Students, two person-times of first prize at The American Mathematical Contest in Modeling, six person-times of first prize at China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling. There are also first prizes at National English Competition for College Students, National Graphics innovation Contest for College Students and The National Fundamental Mechanics Experiment Contest for College Students as well as grand prize at The Central South Region Structure Design Contest for College Students. Especially, the students of Water and Sewerage Engineering won the first prize at the sixth (2013) and seventh (2014) National University Student Social Practice and Science Contest on Energy Saving & Emission Reduction.

  The platform for students' comprehensive quality development was constructed and the graceful demeanor of engineering students is perfectly shown in the campus summer social practice, autumn art festival and other quality competitions. In the latest three years, the first prize at The Entrepreneurial Creativity Contest for College Students in Hubei Province, The Business Plan Competition for College Students of Wuhan University and Current Case Analysis Series for College Students of Wuhan University were obtained. Students also won graduate debate champion and second place in “Dream Zhisheng” global wealth plan contest. Wang Hongchang in Grade 2009 won” Self Improvement Star of Wuhan University”. Lin Pei in Grade 2008 became executive chairman of Students and Scholars Association of Hubei Province. Class 06205 and 08205 earned “Pacemaker to Advanced Class” title. The collage has won Outstanding Organizational Units in Summer Social Practice, Advanced Community in Theoretical Study among College Students, Advanced Unit in Mental Health Education, The "May 4th" Red Flag Youth League committee, The "May 4th" Red Flag Youth League committee Work Outstanding Progress, The outstanding student union of Wuhan University, and so on. (last edited in June 2014)